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Content Marketing on YouTube by MinuteVideos.com

The benefits of search based marketing on YouTube and how it works.

1. Better traffic at lower cost

In the past 10 years SEO has become one of the most important advertising activities for businesses of all sizes. But fast growing competition is diminishing ROI and predictability.

At the same time YouTube has become a very big player, that is not yet conquered by content marketers, promising high ROI and predictable results.

2. The New YouTube

YouTube now has more than 1 billion unique monthly visitors and it's both the worlds second largest search engine and social network (behind Google and Facebook respectively).

YouTube is great because it allows you to get a constant and predictable stream of visitors through its search engine, But it's better than Google because visitors can become long term fans by "subscribing" to your YouTube channel.

3. How does it work?

Growing a channel works like regular content marketing, instead of writing blogs you publish videos. YouTube uses voice recognition to understand the content and list its videos in search.

Once uploaded your rankings improve depending on the keywords in and around your video, your channel ranking and most importantly the audience retention and watch-time of your video. Click on the image to the right to see traffic coming from search for our own video on democracy.

So lets say you want to become a top ranked video for the search term "insurance". This means if your video features enough of the term "insurance", it will rank higher if users watch a higher percentage of your video than that of your competition.

4. MinuteVidoes

MinuteVideos.com produces hand-drawn explainer videos custom tailored to the search ranking algorithms of YouTube. We use this style because it has proven very popular on YouTube and because its affordable production creates scaling opportunities due to the exponential growth properties of Youtube channels.

To the left you can see an example of our latest video on YouTube. It's an introduction to "Blockchain", which is the technology that runs Bitcoin. We choose this topic because of it's low competition on YouTube and high search volume on Google.

5. Competition

What's really important is that the competition on YouTube isn't professional. Check out the video on the left which ranks 2nd for the massive search term "insurance" and you get an example of "bad" by every measure important to a YouTube ranking.

This means you could rank in the top 3 search results within a couple of months. Even if this is your first video. The same is true for the terms marketing, finance, construction and most topics that are not related to pop culture.

6. Ranking High

Professional Explainer Videos by MinuteVideos are perfect for high rankings on YouTube because they have a proven track record of very high audience retention at a low cost. Click on the left to browse some of our video statistics; all videos rank in the top 3 results for their respective searches like Democracy, Global Health or Waldorf

7. Scale

Numbers are important because YouTube growth is exponential. With every video you can capture an entire search term and users are more likely to subscribe to channels with more videos.

With the low prices at minutevideos.com you can take advantage of scaling on YouTube. While most professional 1-2 minute productions range from $5000-$40,000, MinuteVideos' streamlined production offers videos at $1000. You can see how it works with the video on the right.

8. How do you get started?

We recommend getting started with a series of 10 explainer videos, which will give you a decent multiplier effect and improve your channel ranking quickly.

We choose the topics for your videos based on a ratio for keyword planner opportunities and YouTube competition.

Because view count and "watch time" play a part in search rankings the first few videos will be promoted on external platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Google CPC. However, once a critical subscriber number has been reached (ca. 10,000) new videos will not require additional marketing activities.

Depending on the initial marketing budget this can be achieved in ca. 6 months.